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How 2 Become - Pass The Police Role Play Exercise Test
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How 2 Become - Pass The Police Role Play Exercise Test

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The 'How to pass the Police Officer Role Play' DVD is an amazing 'insiders' resource which will show you EXACTLY how to pass this difficult stage of the Police Officer selection process.

Full of insider tips and advice, this 40 minute duration Police Officer Role Play DVD will guide you through the assessment process in detail and provide you with lots of essential insider tips and advice to help you to successfully pass at the first attempt!

An absolute must for anyone who is serious about joining the force the 'How to pass the Police Officer Role Play' DVD is crammed full of insider tips and advice brought to you in conjunction with current serving Police Officers.

Give yourself every chance of success with this definitive and comprehensive DVD that provides an in depth analysis of the Role Play exercises.

The DVD itself is packed full of INSIDER information and contains a step by step explanation of how to achieve success. Here are 3 important areas that are contained with your product...

INSIDER TIP 1 - Practice a Mock Role Play

Most people who attend the Police Officer Role Play do not prepare for this difficult stage of the selection process and they end up failing as a result. It is vital that you spend the time preparing for the Police Role Play prior to the assessment centre. One of the most effective ways that you can prepare is by practicing a mock role play scenario. This is a simple process to set up and it will provide you with so much confidence.

Within the 'How to pass the Police Officer Role Play' DVD you will provide with 3 sample role play scenarios that you can use during your preparation! Get the DVD today and you will drastically increase your chances of success.

INSIDER TIP 2 - Match the Core Competencies

The Police Officer application process is predominantly based around what are known as 'core competencies' and the Role Play is exactly the same. It is imperative that you can demonstrate during the role play activities that have the ability to meet these important core competencies. If you do not demonstrate these core competencies during the role play then you are likely to fail.

During the 'How to pass the Police Officer Role Play' DVD we will explain the core competencies in detail and also show you how you can match them with a small amount of preparation. Don't get this far through the selection process and end up failing! Give yourself every opportunity to succeed with the new 'How to pass the police Officer Role Play' DVD!

INSIDER TIP 3 - The Preparation Phase

Before you go into each Role Play scenario you will be given 5 minutes in which to prepare. The 5 minutes preparation phase is plenty of time for you to prepare - but only if know what to do! Most candidates just sit there and do nothing whilst others start to panic about the forthcoming Role Play scenario. During the 5 minutes preparation phase you must do 3 things:

1. Read the Role Play scenario quickly and take notes where appropriate.

2. Read the Westshire Centre welcome pack and look for areas that are relevant to the scenario that you are going to be dealing with. For example, if someone wants to see you about a bullying situation, what does the Equality and Fairness policy state?

3. Once you have taken notes on the above then it is time to compose yourself and get ready to enter the Activity phase.

The 'How to pass the Police Officer Role Play DVD will show you exactly how to use the preparation time effectively in order to maximise your chances of success! From actual Role Play scenarios through to in depth preparation advice we will show you how to match the core competencies and pass the Police Officer Role Play!



  • Three mock role play scenarios
  • Examples of how to handle the actors during the role play
  • Dealing with conflict and how to remain calm under pressure
  • Maximising your potential during the role play scenarios


  • A final interview with a successful candidate on how to prepare and pass!
  • Explanations on how to prepare yourself effectively for the Role Play
  • What areas you need to research and the topics you should learn
  • How to compose yourself during the assessment centre
  • Different role play scenarios that are actually used by the Police!

Plus many more sections...

  • Weight in Kg : 0.1200
  • Manufacturer : How to Become
  • Category : Joining the Police

Product Number: H2B POLICE ROLE PLAY

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