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Investigative Interviewing - The Conversation Management Approach
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Investigative Interviewing - The Conversation Management Approach

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'Investigative Interviewing: The Conversation Management Approach', ia a unique practical text providing 'how to' guidance on what to do prior to, during, and following investigative interviews, explaining the Conversation Management and PEACE approach towards suspects and witnesses alike.

This book provides police officers with a comprehensive tool-kit to help them skillfully assess and monitor the interviewee, analyse fine-grain detail in statements and operate ethically. Whether you are employed on day to day policing or are a senior CID investigator, this reference guide will make you a better interviewer and will increase your effectiveness.

It includes a variety of practical features including checklists, best practice guidance and handy dialogue boxes. It highlights key issues to consider when interviewing child and vulnerable witnesses and is an ideal practical accompaniment to the courses that police officers attend as part of their interview training including tiers 1-5, Vulnerable Witness Interviewing and PIP.
It provides practical guidance on all kinds of witnesses, from vulnerable adults and children to suspects. It explains the psychological underpinning of the Conversation Management technique which lies at the heart of the PEACE interviewing model.

It offers a comprehensive tool-kit to help officers skillfully assess and monitor the interviewee and to capture the fine-grain detail of what is said, or indeed not said, in an interview. It advises officers on how to operate ethically and to maximum effect at each phase of interviewing.

Readership: Police officers across all ranks who are required to undertake investigative interviewing plus police investigators and civilian investigative staff members of the UK police force. In addition, solicitors, barristers, the judiciary, the CPS, expert witnesses, students, and non-police investigative interviewing professionals.

1. Criminal Investigation and Investigative Interviewing
2. Remembering and Forgetting Offence-related Experience
3. Conversation: The Basics
4. Telling and Listening: Disclosing and Making Sense of Disclosed Detail
5. RESPONSE: Mindful Behaviours for Relationship Building
6. Managing Information
7. Active Listening, Observing and Assessing
8. Right Person, Right Place, Right Time, Right Question
9. The Right Manner of Questioning
10. Assisting Remembrance of Offence-related Detail
11. Responding to Inappropriate or Disruptive Behaviour and to Resistance
12. Interviewing the Witness: Key Considerations
13. Interviewing the Developmentally Disadvantaged Witness: Key Considerations
14. Interviewing the Developmentally Disadvantaged Witness: Orientation and Assesment (O&A) Interviewing and Investigative Interviewing
15. Interviewing the Suspect: Key Considerations
16. Interviewing the Suspect Who Exercises the Right to Remain Silent Without Handing in a Defence Statement
17. Interviewing the Suspect Who Answers Questions
18. Interviewing the Suspect Who Produces a Prepared Statement

  • Weight in Kg : 1.5000
  • Manufacturer : Oxford
  • Category : Police Guides

Product Number: 9780199214099

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